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Student Complaint Policy

A Plus Healthcare Training promotes an open educational environment with values and designed to protect the integrity of teaching and learning.

The school encourages all students to first direct their complaints and concerns to the faculty, staff, or administrator specifically involved. The school believes that many complaints will be resolved through an open, honest dialogue between the persons involved. In other cases where that may not be possible, A Plus Healthcare Training’s Student Complaint Procedure can assist in resolving the issue.

Other than a grade appeal or a claim of sexual harassment, a complaint that challenges the decisions or actions of school personnel will be considered using the following procedures:

  • Complaints should be filed at the main office in writing: Attn: Program Coordinator. Fill out the complaint form and sign.

  • Forms are available in the main office and should be submitted within 10 business days of the complaint.

  • Complaints will normally receive a response within 10 business days (excluding breaks) from the time it is received.

  • Unresolved complaints or appeals of resolutions for non-academic matters shall be directed to the President of A Plus Healthcare Training: Mr. Lyle Belcina.

  • Complaint of an academic nature shall be directed to the Program Coordinator. The personnel reviewing the complaint will respond formally and in writing to the complainant.

  • For complaints involving grade appeals and sexual harassment policies, please see the school catalog.

  • Complaints involving matters of a criminal nature, such as theft, battery, etc., should be directed to the Bartlett Police Department.

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Students dissatisfied with this school’s response to their complaint or who are not able to file a complaint with the school can file a formal complaint to:

Illinois Board of Higher Education
Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools
1 N Old State Capitol Plaza #300, Springfield, IL 62701, USA